I am a big London Girls Choir fan and really enjoy the CD. I teach at a school in Livingston, New Jersey...
Thank you so much,

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Hello, across the ocean! I found your CD this past Friday in my mother in law's car and borrowed it. I have been listening to it nonstop since. I must say, I haven't heard such a beautiful collection of songs in ages (if ever!). I absolutely love it! The harmonies are done extremely well, the voices are gorgeous, the music very professional. My sincere compliments! (I wonder how long it will take for my mother in law to ask for it back?)

Yocheved W
Brooklyn, New York

hey dena-
spent a shabbos in flatbush with cousin for a bm, 2 cousins of whom are local piano teachers. one wanted to know my connection to you- after reading the silver lining insert..
she said your cd in NY is a "big hit', a "breathe of fresh air", and that all her students want to know how to play only your songs........
well done.

Hi! I want to wish you and all the rest Hatzlacha! I just got my tickets yesterday, and I was quite surprised (or maybe I shouldn't have been) to see that there were only back seats left in the orchestra section. I didn't think I had to go that early to buy good tickets...you know, until I managed to convince my sister to convince her friend...I guess it's too bad.
I do hope we'll get to hear enough of the choir, because what happens many times when, for example, Miami teams up with others, is that we lose out on them.

Dear Dina and choir,
My girls and I are big fans!
We saw you at Brooklyn College on Chol Hamoed . You guys were
phenomenal!!! We loved every minute .The props ,music ,costumes and
dances were superb. I'm sure you know that it was sold out . People were
literally begging for tickets outside the auditorium. ( Yossi Greenes
niece who is a good friend of mine couldn't even get seats)
May hashem give you the Koach to continue to do such beautiful work.
The S.. family
PS If we can ever host please call 253 ...

Dear Mrs. Cohen,

Thank you for your gorgeous concert and CD. My daughters, aged 11and 8 loved it so much. Can we create a similar center here in NY with the same caliber of music? So far, we have not even come close but I know that so many people would respond.

Libby, age 8 says," Your'e the best in the whole world and I never heard anyone so good in my whole entire life.

Mom says, the level of musical knowledge and sophistication was well beyond what we have been accustomed to from the Jewish Music scene.

Gut Yom tov

Love Zisi, Dassy and Libby H.

ps i cried at the shabbos candle song!

dearest dena,
hi,how are you my name is fraida g.. i live in
america new york acatually i was at your concert today
together with my cousin i loved it i didn't want to
leave i listen to your cd every day you are amazing i
really hope you come back again really soon and make
another concert you looked absolutly gorgeous can you
email me pictures of you and the london girls choir
please well i gotta go but i'll email again i am one
of your biggest fans if i lived in london i'd be at
your every concert bye!!!love,fraida g..
p.s. are you related to miri weiner?how? she was in my
bunk in camp this (past) summer my email address is
frogs1..... i really hope i hear from you


Guess what! I just couldn't resist the urge, and so I bought it yesterday. I could say one thing - it's clear that this is one purchase I will not regret! It is absolutely AMAZING! The songs are so soulfull, especially the English ones. Did you really write "My Little Bird" when your younger sister was getting married? It is such a unique and original idea to write a song to. -and the way you matched it up with the Chupah tune! The harmonies are really creative and flawless, and the soloists are truly talented - not to mention well-trained. I see you tackled this project on all sides - just about every aspect of it was done by you! your hard work and talent is evident throughout.
I like the English accent - it's different for me, and it's very proper!
The music is very different than any production that we have over here - you don't overuse any instruments, like we see in much of today's Jewish Music. It causes me to focus on the singing itself, and the blending of the voices.
.......thanx for a great cd!

Hi Dena,
Ahh, I just can't get enough of listening to my tapes of the concert - every time I hear it, I feel like I'm there all over again. And I can't stop being amazed.
The girls managed to stay on tune throughout, and each and every solo was as beautiful as on the cd. I want you to know, that every ... concert has its moments where the choir sounds a bit off, or one soloist can't stay on tune, or you hear the tremor in their voices, or they may omit difficult harmonies, etc. You had nothing of the sort. I mean, I know these girls don't spend their entire life rehearsing! How do you do it?
I liked the introductions to each song - sometimes people tend to forget that music is here to inspire us, not just for our listening pleasure. I especially like your lyrics - they are so meaningful, not like some others I know...
The Treasure was really moving. It is such a soulful tune, and the choreography added that perfect touch.
Daago Minayin was carried out so flawlessly, and it makes the original sound dry in comparison. I decided that women can sing better than men. After all, they do have prettier voices, if I may say so myself! Until now, we never had such a professional sound from women.
The song Hallelu came as a big surprise to me. I would never dream that it can be presented as so stunning! I never even liked that song. Yet again, with the right voices, harmonies, music... hats off to the girls on a BEAUTIFUL job!
The dance was fantastic. It was so perfectly even, down to the very last step. The two little kids who introduced themselves were just EDIBLE! That's exactly what we needed to give it that extra 'English flavor.'
One Nation was the cutest thing ever! By the interlude we hear ourselves laughing so hard! LOL! We were looking at these older girls and thinking, what in the world are they wearing?! When we saw the 'little feet' we were just holding our sides! Too bad the people in the back couldn't see...!
So you know how many people you had to turn away at the doors - but you don't know how many people stayed home altogether. It takes guts to come to Brooklyn College without tickets. Everyone knows that they don't allow anyone in without tickets. So many of my friends and neighbors were mad about not being able to come.
Hope I didn't bore you with this long email - but hey - You said you enjoy getting feedback!
~C M I

hi!!! yesher kojech!! ur choir is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!is there a new cd on the way??

cant w8!!!!!!

My daughter Shira's grandparents bought her your Silver Lining CD for Chanuka and that's all she wants to hear, over and over again.

I was impressed by the professional quality of the music, both instrumental and voice. The London accent was intriguing too; it's been a while since I lived in England.

Will you be making any more CD's? We'll be looking out for them.


Shoshana (formerly of England, now in NYC, USA)

hi i looooove the c.d. silver lineing! AND i looove the english acsent. could u please tell me how to listen to more of your music on that website?

I'd like to get a copy of your CD as a gift for a dear
friend who has just become bas mitzvah. Can you please
tell me where I can order one?

Thanks very much.
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

hi its chana could u just please mail me back cuz i like your c.d. so much. congratulate the girls for me. thaaaaaaaaanks for makeing great music.
-chana. (i live in rochester n.y., america)

I am 10 years old, and live in Monsey, New York
I went to the London Girls choir concert in Brooklyn NY on Chol Hamoed Succos . I really enjoyed it.

Dear Dena,

We of course love the CD. I was wondering why you chose for the choir to say the word 'uvoirei" sometimes with a sheva na under the reish in Mo Rabu even though it is said with a tseirei. I know you needed one more letter/sound to fit the tune/beat. You probably considered doing "uvo'oirei" and I am wondering why you chose not to, to me they both sound equally nice. Please let me know what was the ultimate reason you felt it was ok to do this.

An admirer.

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I went to your Chol Hamoed concert in Brooklyn. I was totally blown away- it was totally awesome! I actually took small clips of some of my favorite songs and I could just keep on rewatching it.
the tape.. those voices..
Thanks for coming to Brooklyn!

Hatzlocho for the future!!!

Dear Dena, amu"sh
Hi! My name is Tsippi. I live in Flatbush and know Mrs. Plym from Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel where I used to work for a while. I want to tell you that I have been obsessed with the Silver Lining CD from the first time I heard it -- and I still cannot get over how amazing it is! At first, when my sisters bought the CD, I thought it would just be another annoying girls choir that's completely unprofessional and boring, but as soon as the music began I realized this was no ordinary girls choir. From the beautiful music to the powerful voices to the catchy rythyms and tunes it's just an outstanding album. My friend is also completely hooked to your music, so as a birthday gift I treated her to the Brooklyn College concert you put on on Chol Hamoed Succot. We both enjoyed ourselves immensely! (We were both shocked when we found out it was you singing the low part of Mah Rabu!!) There were two little girls sitting in front of me at the concert and they were jumping out of their seats from excitement the entire time the girls were on stage (and they were so disappointed when it was over )! As I am typing this to you I am listening to the CD. It is so pleasant and sweet. I have already gotten a few of my friends to love your music as well. (Maybe a few of my friends will email you too!) Thank you for providing such good music. I'm looking forward to more of your beautiful productions!!
Have a super winter!
-Tsippi :)

...about "My Little Bird" To tell you the truth, the first second I heard the music, my reaction was like, "Hey, where's the rest of the orchestra?" But then I immediately began to appreciate the beauty of it. I noticed how I can hear the soft piano, strings, etc. - and how they compliment the songs being sung. And this is what makes your album so unique. Today, most producers are into adding as much 'noise' as they can to their productions - sometimes adding so many deviations from the original tune, that it sounds like a different song completely - especially now, when putting out wedding mix albums became so popular. Your music is so refined and special, it's really touching. It's actually the first time I have been so moved by a female production. The others cannot compare. And yes, every time I listen to it, I'm still hearing something I hadn't heard the time before.
The song "Silver Lining" is definitely deserving of the title track - I think it's my favorite, but then again, every song can be my favorite.
The junior choir is absolutely adorable! It's beyond me how you can get such young kids to sing such a song - I don't think it's a simple one - and the harmonies are yet again outstanding!
And now for some more questions:
Do we get to hear you sing at all, or do you relinquish the spotlight completely to the girls?
Who is the girl that can go so low by "Mah Rabu"? I mean, it sounds unreal! Or is it just the use of today's technology?
And one request - only if it's not too much of a bother:
Is there any way I can get the music sheets for keyboard? Or at least just the chords?


Hi dena its Ruti from america well there was a part of the concert that dunbfounded me by the song "my sister is a bride" you and some other girl did this really complicated dance it looked really cool from where I was sitting! How many months of prep did the choir do to prepare for this? Were the girls nervous? Did they sing the whole plane ride over? btw did you guys have your own plane? I have so many questions this is only the begining!
Hope to hear from you soon
P.s the dance by the concert was awesome to and perfectly on beat!!

Dear Dena,

My name is Simmie and I live in Ramat Beit Shemesh. My husband and I just
came back from Amsterdam where I heard your cd "Silver Lining" for the first
time. We were staying with friends and their daughter introduced me to the
songs and I told her I must take it for my children (I have 4 girls). And
since we came back, it hasn't stopped playing in our house, so crazy they
are over it - my second daughter already made a choreography to Avraham
Yagel (my children love dancing). And even after they went to sleep already
I took it to the kitchen to listen to it while tidying up (it makes
household work a lot more fun).

I have to say kol hakavod - way to go! This cd is high level - and I'm no
stranger to music, I come from a chazonim family - all with great voices
(also the girls/women - even my girls knew to keep tune and beat from when
they were very small. And they catch a song after only listening to it
once, they'll sing it over and over!) and music is always a very important
part in our life. Always busy with it, wether it's a choir or a show. So
when I hear something good I don't just say it to be nice, but because it's
really good. So keep up the good work and I hope that you'll see a lot of
naches from your work iy"h!!


Thank you for the CD it's totally amazing. You're so talented. I really enjoy listening to it. The songs and arrangements are amazing. Well done. Keep up the good work.

Hope to see you here soon!

Love from C S
Moshav Mattisyahu

Dear Dena,

I was gratified to get your e-mail, I had sort of given up...First of all, regarding the concert, what stood out most was the Yiddishe chein on the girls' faces, the eidele way they dressed, and moved. It must be the first time that Yiddishe girls, dressed in a modest and beautiful fashion such as you guys were, appeared on stage at Place Des Arts; and that was a Kiddush Hashem, IMHO. THe singing, of course was breathtaking. Miriam Sternlicht was my favorite singer, the little girls were adorable, and the whole production was superb. It is truly inspiring to see a person such as yourself, with the amazing range of talents you've been blessed with (singing, playing several instruments, writing lyrics, shall I go on?), channeling it in this wonderful manner, good for you!


p.s. My daughter and I have been listening to Silver Linings endlessly! Great CD!

Is the concert that was in brookyln college coming out on video? My mom is having regrets about not going to your concert after I literally didnot stop talking and singing about it.!

hi i was at the london girls choir on sunday that was in montreal and i really enjoyed it. it was so beautiful how many people showed up and we were all able to tell how much effort was put in to making such a beautiful choir with such beautiful girls, and head! the songs are great.
love your #1 whatever,
chaya mushka g
beth rivka, montreal

Dena, thanks for replying. Didn't think such busy pple. have the time for pple. like me!

What really impressed me was the was the way girls of all ages and different backgrounds, work so nicely together and form such an harmonious choir.

You deserve thumbs up for the organization!

Last but not least, the beautiful singing, harmony, and dancing was most impressive!

Dear Dena,

Just got back 10 min. ago from your concert and wanted to commend you on the wonderful job! Lucky for me, I had a friend who was in your choir & on the Silver Lining CD, so when Stacey Broch came to visit me in the summer of 04, she brought her CD, and since then it's been playing in my car. Track 8 was definitely a favorite!
This past summer, I was in England the first time for Stacey's wedding & I met Raaya & Sara Greenman from the choir-2 girls with amazing voices-then i heard about your Showcase. I desperately wanted to go and so I made my way down Bell Lane to the Shatnez Center, in hopes of going to see this concert-however the shop was closed & we were left that night to sleep off our jetlag. Lucky for me, my classmate, Bluma Heller, decided to bring the London Girls Choir to Montreal!
From the costumes, to the dances, choreography, HARMONY, song choices, and of course, your talented piano/guitar playing, it was truly enjoyable! The Yaldei song was beautiful-it truly depicted what Yaldei is. Those 3 little kiddies-especially the curly-haired one, were precious!
So, even though you had to travel 7 hours, with a 5 hour time-zone change, jetlag and our beautiful FREEZING Montreal weather-we know it couldn't be easy-but I assure you, the entire Montreal will be talking about it for the next few months!
Congrats on a performance spectacularly done & please, keep up with your new songs, creative compositions, & original music pieces which we love so much (they are so unique!)!
regards from Stacey (sorry, i couldn't get behind stage tonight to personally deliver her regards, I'm sure you understand it was quite difficult!)
-Goldie Z
p.s. your French was extremely polite & well pronounced!

Hi there Dena,
My name is Reesa B.. (now W..) I don't know if you remember me, our mum's are friends and we used to play together when I would come to visit my grandmother, who lives in London.
Anyways, I wanted to write to tell you that I was at the concert that you performed in Montreal a few weeks ago, and I loved it! It was really wonderful. I was there with my daughter who is 6, and she is still singing the songs that she can remember:).
I wish you the best of luck with your choir,
All the best,

hello Dena!
just wanted to tell you that i heard your cd and it is absolutely stunning! I really enjoyed it!!!
hope you are all keeping well,
have a lovely summer!
love, Hadassah Leah (& Dov - who did not listen!)

Hi. I'm 15 years old and I live in brookyln,NY I recently attended the london girls choir concert@ brookyln college I really want tell you that it was awesome, it was as profesional as any concert I've been to (and trust me its countless) and the choir really blew me away,of course I've listened to your CD a million times but this was the cherry on the top!! ...I have an infatuation w/music and I was facinated by that spesific solo
Keep it up!!
P.s tsippi scarf told me about this website and she says hi
Pps. Silver lining 2????

You created such a stir over here, you cannot imagine! The amount of people searching for tickets once it was sold out was unbelievable! Next time you'll just have to do two shows.
I don't know where to start, as there are so many things to say. The opening acts were very good, and I thought Karen Daitchman sang very well. By the time Rochel Miller got onto stage, everyone was just so impatient to see the choir already - it was good for hyping everyone up!
I was amazed how each and every song presented was a whole production in itself, not just another song. Yes, you gave us enough to go home feeling satisfied.
What struck me a lot was the refinement of the girls. I don't know if it was just a display of British class or fine midos, but I'm inclined to think it was the latter. It's very easy to feel conceited on stage when you know you're doing a great job...I liked the wide age range of the choir girls - it was so nice to see the young ones and the mature ones singing together in such perfect harmony with such original and even choreography. I loved the props that were used for each song - they added so much spice to the show.
I like the way you handled the stage - we got to see you plenty - but not the whole time... I went absolutely crazy over the way My Little Bird was presented! It was soooo original! I felt like getting up and dancing a hora myself! That circle with the dance in the middle....!!
The song Mimini is a great one. Is it featured on an old album or is it a new song? I never heard it before. There were some great young soloists there.
The trio with the Succos medley was just adorable - the accent came out very pronounced here, and everyone was just rolling! It all looked so well practiced, and I liked the piano. I wish I knew how to play myself.
The song My Belief is really special. Is it going to be featured on your next album? It really speaks to me. Experience has taught me that everyone has their issues that they have to deal with, and nobody's life is worry-free.
I have so much more to say, but it will just have to wait till next time.

Dena, you've done it again!
I bought the DVD today, and I LOVE it! I could sit and watch it over and over! It's exactly the way it was, I'm so happy you didn't do any rerecording or tampering like all the others who bring out videos of concerts do.

The video is just fabulous!
It's really lovely just seeing Hashem's beautiful children, and their sweet faces......that little Chanie Weisenfeld is so cute, you can bite into her! Anyway, I found it amazing that practically every single kid got some sort of solo.
Some of my favorite parts are watching the adults, by Emor Me'at and Hallelu. I love trying to figure out who's doing which harmony.
And ALL the choreography is just EXCELLENT!
How did your concert in Montreal go? Was the crowd as excited as were in NY? How many people cried?
So Long till next time,

this email is for attention of dena diamont- cohen
my name is esty r..- k.., we were in bais yakov sschool
i want to compliment you on your spectacular cd i am very impressed
with the music and singing combined. a cd like this has been needed
for a long time and i'm happy youre the one doing it.
i cant think of a more suited person for this job. well done, i hope
you have much hatzlochoh and mazal. your work is truly a pleasure to
listen to.
I m looking forward to your concert ..

Wow, Dena! I've actually been a fan of your work since I was in ... studio, I guess it's over a year ago now, and he played me your CD. Dirty little secret: I was inspired by some of your arrangement choices when I produced the .........CD!


... In general, the entire concert was beautifully coordinated and produced. I can't quite decide which part I liked the most, but what was quite memorable was the surprise "chassana dance" that came in the middle of "My Little Bird"! It was a very interesting combination of paces and change in tone.
What I noticed right away was the fact that every girl had her hair down (at least in the first song) - which is very impressive because I know that must have been hard work, since I had curly and unmanagable hair myself until I got it straightened!!
Hatzlocho Rabba

To the outstanding director of the outstanding London Girls Choir, Dena

I must tell you how amazed I was with your performance!
Never did I see anything so uplifting and beautiful!!!!!!
Thanx for coming to New York!!
Are you going to release a cd rom of the concert? Hope you do...
Best regards the greatest choir,

Fraida ...
BBM Chocolate Distributors Ltd.

Dear Dena,

I just looooooved the new cd! The girls in my camp were going crazy over it. I think it's a great idea to allow girls with genuine talent to be able to express themselves and allow Jewish girls and women to enjoy it.

Just wanted to let you know that your hard work is supremely appreciated and we're anxiously awaiting the next cd.

A fan,
Nechama D.

The concert in Brooklyn was a hit! My sisters and I bought the best seats we could find. Waiting for more!


...I was so impressed with the girls' whole demeanor. They did not lack confidence, and in fact they had tons of that, but they were so sweet and natural - not flaunting at all. But never mind the British class...
And about My Belief, I was so deeply moved. What inspired you to write it? Now I get chills every time I hear it. Everyone can relate to it on her own level. The noise level of the place was reduced to practically nothing, and I think everyone was just awed. I'm so glad I can hear it on my tape now, but I can't wait to have it on a professional cd, where I can follow along with all the words. I can only remember one instance when music brought tears to my eyes.
Did you enjoy performing at Brooklyn College? I really like the place. What happened to their posh lighting affects?

Baruch Hashem, we not only found concert and have accessed tickets- Mr. N. Waidenbaum is a tzaddik gamor- , but you should know, we have a group of 60 people coming from NJ to see you. Many of them have not yet heard your CD- but have had some very convincing PR sent their way!! ( As I've said, my daughter and I are big fans!!!). I know there is additionally a group of girls travelling from NJ. Everyone is tremendously excited you and the choir are coming. My daughter has found the music and the choir very inspiring. She loves to sing , and we would like to be able to come backstage to say a quick hullo- we know you're going right back after concert- but is this possible? The girls all have differing thoughts of what "cocoon" is about- The guesses range from an embryo, to mashiach, or olam haba, to a sheltered, protected infant- Can you enlighten us as to what your machshava was?
Gamar Hasima Tova to all- Sharone and Rochel

Sorry so late with this 'shokoyach.'

My 10 yr old KN"H daughter, who until now never cared about singing or music, came back from Camp Agudah Midwest (Michigan, USA) with a request to 'get this great London Girls Choir.' I love singing, so that was fine with me, especially now that my daughter was finally interested too!

Well...... your tape is DANGEROUS!

See, the first time I played Little Bird, I was driving, and I shouldn't have been. Driving with my right hand, wiping tears with my left. Then I switched. Drive Left, Wipe right. And so on and so on, because I kept playing it over and over. Omigosh. What you did with one of my "all-time old-time" favorite tunes, that harmony....., those words........, all I can say is 'Wow' because any other adjective won't work. (Anyway there's no thesaurus on e-mail.) I don't have a little sister or I'd probably still be bawling as I write this. (I AM a little sister though.)

My children (daughter and little boys) know they're not allowed to talk in the car when that song comes on. They do though. "Oh brrrrrother," the little boys say, rolling their eyes. "It's Mommy's song AGAIN." And if we happen to be using our talking 'Navigator' which announces directions as we drive (highly annoying unless it's a tricky trip), you can hear me yelling at it all the way in Europe if it, Heaven forbid, tells me to 'turn right in 3/4 of a mile' during Little Bird. "Shush! You can't give me directions now! Wait till this song is over!" And then, of course, with all that song-time wasted, I have to go back to the beginning.

The whole CD is amazing. Such sweet voices KN"H, all 'genuine,' none of that, how shall I say, 'nasal phoniness' I truly do not enjoy on so many other recordings.

Thanks for bringing such great songs us, and may Hash-m allow you to keep using your KN"H amazing gifts to bring joy and music to Klal Yisroel until 120 BE"H.


I am a friend of Nena Blake and her gorgeous girls and I just wanted to put on record my appreciation for all your efforts and that of all the girls/ladies in the choir for putting on such a wonderful show last week.

The whole production was totally amazing, the costumes wonderful, the dancing, singing and complete presentation was second to none and I am always amazed at the standard of talent there is around. It was fabulous to hear it all at the concert and I am eagerly awaiting and have been nagging Nena, for your next CD. Please put me down for the first copy. I almost bought a second copy of Silver Lining to keep at home as the one I have goes everywhere with me, in the car, in the kitchen and back again and it is the favourite of not only me, but my six year old son too!!!

Tizku l'Mitzvot and may you always be successful in whatever you undertake. She'co'ach. It was a great night out.

Good Shabbos

Hilary W

Hi Dena,

Yeshar koach on the concert! It was great! I went with my 5 year old daughter Talia.

SHe was enthralled by the whole evening., and was delighted to see some children from her school in the choirs. SHe is due to start year 1 in September.

I read that your youngest choir is from year 2. Do you have a waiting list for next year, and can she apply?

Many thanks
CHarlotte B.


This is just to wish you a hearty mazal tov on the fanatastic achievement of
last night's perfomance they were all amazing.

I have a little daughter who is going into year 2 in September. She attends
Noam Primary school. Her music teachers is always telling me what a lovely
vioce she has and I was just wondering if she could come and join in with
the chior? How do I go about getting her in ? Pleease let me know?

Kol tuv and I look forward to hearing from you very soon

Debra K

I have to tell you how absolutely wonderful this CD is.

It's refreshing, beautifully put together and absolutely soothing to listen to.

I'm sure you've heard this all before but I just had to write.

I unintentionally bought this CD and can't stop listening. I'm sure I'll miss the music during the 3 weeks.

So is another CD in the plans? Will we see another one out soon?

Thank you so much, for bringing us such beautiful music.

Varda D

Passaic, New Jersey, USA

Hi! We have the silver lining album- my girls love it . the only problem is that we have misplaced the album cover- I guess over sefirah it got lost. Is there anyway we can get the words for my little bird is flying away. Thank you,
Malki K

Hi Dena

There I was at the dentist this afternoon, when the hygienist asks if I am related to you - she read your wonderful interview in the JC. Well, you have another fan! She had heard of your choir and thought it was a fantastic thing to do.

I wish you loads of success.

Lots of love

Well done to you, Dena, for gathering your talents and forging forward. May you go from strength to strength.

Please email password.

Chumi H

...We initially found the CD in Eretz Yisroel at Pesach. My 9 YO daughter, who lives with her family (us) in Passaic, NJ, hums and trills her way thru every day.. She is in a small local girl's choir, after taking some voice lessons from a local musician last year. She's still attempting to learn snapping as a result of consistent listening to "Avraham Yagel". After 6 or 7 persistent repetitions of that refrain for the Yeshiva Ktana Passaic carpool, I can usually manage to wrangle a listen of the very calming, and slightly haunting, "Cocoon". You have some real live died-in-the-wool fans here, not counting the numerous girlfriends my daughter has exposed to the CD. We greatly look forward to this concert, would like to spread the word here, and would like to hear more details, please!! Thank you,- In appreciation of hartsig and Yiddishe creativity!

Hey! this is Rifky from Miami FL. I heared the cd and my family is obsessed! The local jewish music store dose'nt have it in their there store yet! IS there anyway we could get a copy!

Hi I would like to get the words to the english songs on the cd. I love the CD and listen to it whenever i can. Please get back to me at bashevaz@.... Thank you. Shabbat Shalom.

Basheva Z, Brooklyn, NY

I bought this CD in Eretz Yisroel just looking for new girl's music for myself. Hadn't heard anything one way or the other of it. Are we glad Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu led my hand to this one!! We haven't stopped listening and my daughter introduces all her friends to this delightful auditory treat!! Great inspiration for both of us-- when are you coming to the states? Can you issue me a password please and keep us posted on any new releases- Hazlacha Raba-

Hi Dena
how does it work if i want a password to listen on line?
thanks so much, by the way it's a great cd
have a great day!
Hadassa G ( nee E ) from Golders Green originally

We love the CD Silver Lining. We cannot find the Lyrics is it posiible to e-mail a copy. We love to sing along with the music. Thank You!!

Margie L

Hi. we live in lakewood and love the tape. One of my daughters bought it for the other gfor her bas mitzvah present. thanx.


Hi, Dena!
I have been directing choirs for many years, so I am a "mayven"! I can't get over the professionalism! WOW!!!!!
Kol Hakavod to you! This must have been an incredible amount of work!

Silver Spring, Maryland, U.S.A.

Hi, I’m from Bais Yaakov Los Angeles. How do I apply for a password?

Thank you and keep up the AMAZING work,

Hadas Gross

Dena, my name is michal S. I wanted to tell you how beautiful your cd is and how much we enjoy it. I appreciate your melodies and harmonies as well as the musical accompaniment and special effects. I know how much work went into it, from the composing and rehearsing, to the recording, mixing and mastering.
I wish you much mazal and hatzlacha.
michal s

Hello my name is Shira R

I live in Monsey NY and go to Ateres Bais Yaakov high school and we are having a production since our school likes your CD we were wondering if it would be ok to use one song for our choir, Track 2 If one day….. so please can you get back to us thanks! Your CD is great!

Shira R

i live in Brooklyn new york
i just listened to your CD- Silver lining and i know u probably get this a lot
but it was awesome!!!!
i have a sister that is to be engaged and that "little bird" song really touched my heart.

My other is the "one nation"
also, I've been around the world- all over
Israel, Venezuela, Argentina,Texas , Michigan, LONDON, and New york

but my real request is that you should organize a concert in the flatbush area
in my eigth grade in my school-Prospect Park Yeshiva, this CD is the most spoken about topic
everyone hums it during brakes and plays it during free
i really love this CD and wish you to make many more masterpieces such as this one

from a great fan
Lilach G

Hi i would like to apply for a password so i can listen to the songs ive heard the cd many times its amazing...gr8 music and voices
kol hakavod

My name is Miriam from New York. I just wanted to compliment you on your FANTASTIC cd. I was at my friends house and heard the cd playing. I borrowed it that day and could not stop listening to it. The next day i went to the store and bought it myself! The girls have gorgeous voices and the harmony is amazing, the english accent is also really cute. I really love the cd. I cant wait till the next one comes out! Thank you!!

Dear Dena,

Hi! We're checking in from across the ocean () just because we're so impressed!

As soon as we saw the advertisement for Silver Lining, we snagged the CD off the store shelf! Its been turning contently in the CD Drive ever since then! In fact, although we are taking midterms (two weeks of intensive exams) we can't resist singing along with the tape, (with the sheet in hand, of course!) and we definitely can't ignore the CD when we hear the intro to Avraham Yagel and Mah Rabu.

We've even gotten used to the accent! That's an accomplishment Ala King!

We want more, we want more...!
Oh! When are ya' gonna perform on our end of the world? When you do. do it here in Boro Park-or somewhere really close-by!

American Fans of the London Girls Choir (AFLGC)

Ian just told me that his daughter keeps nagging him to buy Silver Lining - so she might buy one tonight and he also told me that his son in Yeshiva in Israel - heard the CD was "really good" from "guys" over there and keeps asking him to secretly send him one!

Dear Dena,
I was wondering if i could get a password and possibly information about purchasing a few cd's. i heard your cd from a friend of mine in new york and i loved it! i live in Detroit, Michigan in the USA, is there any way to get your cd here? if not, i'd like to order through you. please let me know! thank you so much!
naomi b

Re: audio clips
This is truly amazing!! Wow, it is gorgeous!!! I would love to get a copy of it!!! WOWOWOWO!!!
Lots of Hatzlachah!!!

wow!! finallly im so oexcited all my freinds are gonna buy this cd wow!!! im really excited i really waited fot this cd for a long time but i will buy one even thought i have one already from london a good freind from mmyn went to london and she brought me one back!! thanx so much!!


Hi, my name is Surele van de K, I'm from Holland and I'm 15 years old. I bought your cD when I was in Israel and it's simply beauuuuuuuuuuutiful.

Hi! I listened to your clips online. Awesome! I would like to know where I can purchase the CD. I have access in Antwerp and in NY.

Thank you.

P.S. Do you know if all the Diamant's are related? It's my grandma's maiden name.

Hi Dena,
A friend of mine forwarded me the link to the shira center's web site, and i was so awed by what i heard! i am the head of the girls choir in college...- of yeshiva university in new york, and i was very inspired to hear a female choir perform so beautifully. i was wondering how i could get a copy of your cd! i am from monsey, so i was wondering if the cd is available in any of the judaica stores here.
with your permission, maybe we could perform some of your songs here in new york...
thank you!
sorah s

Dear Dena,

Hi! I'm an American fan! I love your cd! I heard it in Camp Shira from one of the london girls, and I'm dieing to have it! My friend has the cd, (someone went to london and bought it for her) and I was wondering if I could copy the cd for myself and a friend with your permission.
Waiting for your reply,

Dear Dena,
Hi I'm in love with your cd and I would like to listen to the clips online so can you please send me a password.
Thank You


Hi Dena, AMV"Sh

How are you?

I waned to wish you Shekoyach on your excellent work. Thank you.

Kol Tuv.


Rachel C :-)

Dear Dina,
I would love to hear clips on your site (well, next is Lag Boimer that I'll be able to listen to it). I would like to know how to get a password. I am a member of the Jewish Yahoo Group.
Thank you,

Hi I wanted to give a compliment for the beatiful cd it's very nice

when is the next cd coming?
O. J.

Dear Dena,
I would really like a password, to listen to the girls singing as I really enjoy hearing them.
From Esti.

... I have to tell you I LOVED the CD. Every time my hubbie went out of the house yesterday I switched it back on!

I have to say I think what you're doing there with the shira centre is absolutely amazing - to have a talent like yours and your choirs do must be very frustrating when you're frum because of the lack of opportunity to exercise it and I just think it's brilliant!!

My house no. is 26 by the way - if you're ever passing drop in for a cup of coffee!

Take care

ps my 5 year old daughter really enjoyed the junior choir's song on your cd - she was very taken with all the mention of the school names etc - couldn't quite believe her school was mentioned on a real cd!

I forgot to mention you guys were brilliant, (including our
family friend - Nena Blake - she was fantastic!) you had my feet
ta-a-apping, and if you wuda sung any longer, I wuda been dancing in those
aisles!! gr8 stuff.

Hi, Dena

The people working here in the office would very much like to listen to some of the beautiful songs! One of them would like to send her daughter to your primary choir. Please could u send me a password to perelep@... so that we can listen to a few of the clips.

Many Thanx

Perele P

Firstly, we're hooked to your cd - no jokes! My mother-in-law had it playing 24-7. She had one copy in the car and one in the kitchen on LOUD so we seriously heard it the whole time. I hadn't listened to it before we went there but we were very impressed. Anyone who walked into the house was made to listen to it! Since I've come back (erev shabbos) I've already nicked my mum's copy ...

Anyways, WELL DONE - it's truly amazing.

Love Avigail xx

Hi Dena,

How are you? I have been meaning to write to you since last July. Remember when I met you at the showcase? I bought your CD then and I haven't stopped listening to it. I just love it so much - my kids do too and they sing along with the words! I lent it to a friend here and she loved it too! Then I saw it in my local Judaica shop here and I got so excited I told the lady who serves there that you were my friend in school and its such an amazing CD. Can you believe that you are famous here in Miami!!!
My mother also faithfully sends me the Tribune each week and I saw a write-up about it so now I thought I just have to write to you.
We are doing well here and keeping very busy, we just bought a house and will be moving very soon, keep well and we are looking forward to the next one!!

Love Mimi

Dena, I just listened to your cd, it was playing in shoshi’s car which I borrowed and I couldn’t leave the disc in the car when I got to my destination. I am so amazed at how beautiful it is. The lyrics together with the melodies and wonderful arrangements are just too perfect, it could definitely be classified as divine. Are you aware firstly at how talented you are and how popular you have become in Brooklyn? All the girls here are burning cd’s so please send over as many copies as you can and stock it in Eichlers and all the other Judaic stores before the copyright sin becomes too rampant. Also, why don’t you make up a cd with some men or boys singing (or is there some halacha now that allows men to listen to women singing in a group so that not a single voice is discerned, it might be allowed somehow, I don’t know for sure), either way, I think this disc is too good to keep for women only?

Your music has captured the essence of the spiritual quest for identity for Jewish women world wide. I think you have done a wonderful job and I am so proud that someone from my home town has produced such a great contribution to Jewish music. The songs all so different and yet so new and fresh. The tunes are so funky and yet, at the same time heart-rending and even soulful that cuts one’s heart to the quick. The song cocoon especially I found the most interesting. What a concept, and how tastefully you developed it. I am so impressed I have no words. It is so deep and yet so simple. It has become immensely popular here in New York. Everyone is talking about in the schools...

I’m hoping you remember who I am...